Introducing Our First Product, Kindred Sort

Artificial intelligence has the potential to be one of the most disruptive technological advances in history, with near endless application and benefit. We at Kindred believe there is a better path to developing intelligence, and more specifically, developing artificial general intelligence that is more helpful and powerful than what we have today. Our central thesis is that intelligence requires a body, and since our founding in 2014 we have explored engineering cognitive architectures that enable robots (“bodies”) to understand, learn and participate in our world.

Our focus is to uncover how the human brain learns through interactions with the physical world and apply those learnings to create and teach a new intelligent class of robots. One that will enhance the quality of our day-to-day lives, and in particular, the way in which we work. Kindred’s objective is to build the foundation to support this future -- to create systems that allow machines to gain access to abilities and behavior human minds currently possess.

The first step we’re taking is to deploy intelligence in a robot that is doing complex work that is difficult for todays robots to do. Many tasks in e-commerce distribution centers are of this nature -- a nearly endless number of goods that need to be moved efficiently and quickly to fulfill an ever-increasing number of orders.

Today we’re proud to announce that we have been working with multiple major retailers to pilot Kindred Sort in their existing fulfillment centers. We developed Kindred Sort for use in retail distribution and ecommerce fulfillment centers to quickly and accurately sort products into orders, working side-by-side with fulfillment center staff. We are helping alleviate the massive pressures facing the industry, including significant online sales growth, labor shortages, and a decades long lack of advancement in supply chain technology. Sort works side by side with fulfillment center associates to help retailers increase productivity and expand capacity to serve more customers faster, enabling top line revenue growth for our partners.

We’re also excited to announce that we have raised $28 million in Series B funding led by Tencent, bringing our total amount raised to $44 million. Previous investors Eclipse Ventures and First Round Capital participated in the new round. The additional capital will go towards the continued research, development and deployment of Kindred’s robots, as well as to advance the company’s broader mission to build human-like intelligence in machines.

 While we’re well on our way, there is still much work to be done on our mission to build human-like intelligence in machines.  Our dream is to create an environment where humans can work alongside machines to increase productivity and work towards the greater good for all.