The Engineering People Show, Episode 25: Dr. Anurag Maunder

I know some engineers will be disappointed by that, but it’s easier for me to find a smart person than for me to find a hardworking person. If there is one message I can give to every young engineer is that don’t take working hard for granted.

Today on Engineering People

Dr. Anurag Maunder is an SVP of Engineering at Kindred AI, an artificial intelligence company that solves human problems with autonomous robots. He started his career with prestigious AT&T Bell Labs. He was the Founder and CTO of Kazeon Systems (later acquired by EMC) and the Founder CEO of dLoop (acquired by Box). In the last few years, he established the Advanced Development lab for EMC to focus on Machine learning for automating storage configurations, and also created Johnson Controls Innovation Garage, which introduced several new AI products in industrial IOT. His current areas of interest are AI, Robotics, Smart Buildings and IoT Security using Blockchains. He believes that AI and Robotics together will fundamentally transform the quality of life and disrupt every single industry.
(Listen to the original episode released on September 10, 2018)