Hybrid Intelligence is the Future of Supply Chain Management

TECHVIBES (April 2019) - Supply chain and product fulfillment is one of the most exciting industries in the world right now when it comes to digital innovation. While that might not sound too sexy, the method of delivering a product from point A to point B has completely changed over the last five years, and will likely be completely different in the next five.

There are so many variables involved in automating supply chain processes: Delivery, manufacturing, packing, sorting, and more. There are obvious applications in industries like finance and entertainment where AI will have a major impact, but at this exact moment, AI is revolutionizing how products are sold and shipped.

But not all AI is created equally. Just ask Kindred, an AI robotics firm with offices in the San Fransisco and Toronto. The company manufactures robotic arms to aid in sorting and packing materials in a fulfillment setting—a fancy way of saying their robots pack boxes full of products to ship to customers. As of now, Kindred has publicly revealed one client: Gap, which was their pilot program. As retailers are careful not to share their advances with their competition,  Kindred is tight-lipped as well. For Gap, Kindred has several robots packing clothing in two fulfillment locations.

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