RBR50 Executive Q&A: Victor Anjos, Kindred.AI


Rising consumer demand for products through e-commerce has created incredible pressure on companies to improve their fulfillment operations, while at the same time they deal with a growing labor shortage for warehouse workers. Many have turned to robot companies to help them with this problem, including ones that are using robots to help pick and sort items through the use of artificial intelligence.

Editor’s note: This is another in a series of executive Q&As with robotics industry leaders from companies within the RBR50, in which they provide insights into their businesses and the robotics industry.

RBR50 2019 honoree Kindred.AI has developed systems that enable robots to interact with the physical world for the past five years. Its SORT system for piece-picking in the order fulfillment space includes the company’s AutoGrasp Robotics Intelligence Platform, which uses advanced AI algorithms in vision, grasping, and manipulation.

Robotics Business Review recently spoke with Victor Anjos, the company’s vice president of engineering, about recent developments driving the AI piece-picking space, how the company plans to make its robots even smarter, and how it reacts to manufacturers creating more and more products for robots to identify and manipulate.

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