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Kindred speaking at ProMat/Automate


Jim Liefer, CEO

Preview of MHI 2019 Annual Industry Report

Wednesday, April 10, 8:45am - 9:45am

George W. Prest (CEO, MHI) and Scott Sopher (Principal, Deloitte) as they share insights on this new report on the trends and technologies that are transforming supply chains. Jim joins a panel to share his thoughts on the real-world significance of these findings.


James Bergstra, Head of AI Research

Intelligent Robots - How grasping technology evolved from simulation to the real-world

Wednesday, April 10, 1:30pm - 2:15pm

Robots are quickly being integrated into warehouse operations across industries in an effort to increase automation. With artificial intelligence, a new generation of robots are coming to the market, able to handle complex tasks that have never before been possible: grasping. Learn from James how AI has made intelligent robots work in the real-world.


Peter Lipay, Lead Engineer

Robot Automation in an Unstructured World
(Automate Conference)

Thursday, April 11, 10:00am - 11:00am

As a new wave of robotics startups bring the latest ML and vision technologies into production environments, they are quickly coming to grips with the realities and challenges of our unstructured world. Learn from Peter how the next generation of picking robots will need to be able to adapt to their environments in real-time, with little or no integration required.